Anthony Scaramucci Exclusive: Biden should pardon Trump; Donald Trump may never leave office if he gets in again

Avatar Liam Solomon
June 3, 2024

In an exclusive interview with Best Online Poker Sites, Donald Trump’s former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci gives his reaction to his former boss being convicted.

It’s the first interview Scaramucci has given since Trump was convicted, and he doesn’t hold back.

Biden should pardon Trump in exchange for his promise never to stand again – and Trump would take that deal

Anthony Scaramucci: “If he loses, and this is the thing I know is gonna ratchet up his brain, it’s gonna make him even more impetuous. He knows that if he loses it’s a very high likelihood that he ends up going to jail. And if he wins it is very highly likely he’s not going to jail, because he’ll exonerate himself or pardon himself, and will put people on the Department of Justice who will kill those cases.

But if he loses and those cases are brought, it’s going to be really bad for him. Now if I were Joe Biden, I would call the governor of Georgia and I would call the governor of New York and I would say ‘I’m the president of the United States, I’m going to pardon Mr. Trump for these federal crimes. I would like you to pardon him for the crimes that he committed in your states. In exchange for that, I’m going to get an agreement for Mr. Trump that he doesn’t run for the presidency again. So he is completely exonerated from all of this dastardly criminal behavior, but he can’t run for president again.

And I think Trump would take that by the way. The question is would his base take that, would they say it’s a deep state move and all that other stuff? But I would make that move, because it may bring more peace and more stability to the civil part of our society, which is really punching at each other pretty hard right now.”

Trump admires Putin and Kim Jung-Il – he wants to rule like them on an axis of autocracy

Anthony Scaramucci: “He wants to be in the axis of autocracy. He wants to be Putin, Xi, Kim Il Jung or Orban. These are people he admires because they get their way. Come hell or high water, they get their way.This is classically un-American – he wants to rule with or without your permission.

He lost the election, but he conspired on January 6th 2021 to try to keep himself in power. He then was such a sore loser he’s the first American President in the last 150 years that didn’t go to his successors’ inaugural.

We’ve had this peaceful transfer of power in the country since George Washington, but this imbecile wants to wreck that tradition, he wants to get half of the people in the country that feel left out or upset or angry, he wants to rile them up to the point where they stop believing in the system. So this is very dangerous stuff.”

Trump may never leave office if he gets in again. Speaking out damages me and my businesses but I have an obligation to warn people

Anthony Scaramucci: “I have a nice business, I’ve got a good family, I could just go dark, run my business, hang out with my kids and go to their baseball games, but I feel that I’ve got to be on record. I have to explain what the danger is, even though it’s hurting my business and I get attacked and threatened and all this kind of nonsense comes my way. 

I have no choice in my mind. I think that there’s an obligation if you really love the country and you were close enough to the blast zone of what the man is capable of. I think you have an obligation to warn people what could be coming if you give him that job again, he may never leave that job. You give them that job again, he’s going to be way more organised, and way craftier this time than he was in the first four years.”

Trump is vindictive – he’ll go after people who have crossed him

Anthony Scaramucci: “He’s totally vindictive. I’ll just go by what he’s saying. He told us he wants to use the FBI as a Gestapo. He’s told people that he has an enemies list, and if you’re on his list, he’s gonna rip up your business records, he’s gonna stick the IRS on you. He’s gonna take people from the Department of Justice that he’s weaponising. They’re gonna try to find a crime on you very similar to Eastern Europe.

Back in the day there were witch hunts all over the place in East Germany as an example, using the very famous secret police called the Stasi.

He likes that operating model. He’s talking about that very openly with people. He says if you disagree with him and you work at a media company, he’s gonna staff the Federal Communications Commission in a way where they’ll pull your FCC license if you disagree with Donald Trump.

It’s very dangerous stuff, that’s where we are now. But I’m telling you, my observation of the political scene after 25 years in presidential politics – I said he’d win in 2016, he won, said he’d lose in 2020, he lost. I think he’s going to get his you know what kicked here. I don’t think this country, despite its tribalism, want this type of chaos for another four years.”

Three reasons why Trump is not going to win the election

Anthony Scaramucci: “I don’t think Donald Trump can win this election and I’m going to give you three reasons why. Number one, the conviction may give him a slight bump in fundraising and making even a slight bump in the polls, but when the real race starts and the billions of dollars are spent in the advertising and the swing state operations are kicked up to generate the velocity around the campaign, the conviction is gonna hold him back with independent voters.

The next one is women’s rights issues. Mr. Trump has put three very conservative Supreme Court justices in the mix. They’re all saying the same thing – revoke women’s rights, repeal Roe versus Wade. You now have got States like Arizona, Louisiana and Alabama even saying, IVF is wrong from a Biblical point of view. There are conservative women who say one thing at a cocktail party, but then they know another conservative woman that may have had an abortion or may have needed help in a personal matter like that. I don’t think they want to give up this flexibility or these rights.

Then the last reason, and I think this is the most important reason, is the nonsense that Trump put the world and the US through over the four years. The Democrats are going to run that every night, and they’re gonna run that very hard and they’re gonna ask the American people. Do you really want to go back to this sort of chaos? And this nonsense? The potential revocation of NATO, a dismantling of our alliances around the world, a 15 million deportation of people in the country when it’s going to be very hard for him to figure out if they’re illegals or not?

You’re gonna run around in this country with armored vehicles and machine guns, and ring doorbells and pull people out of their houses? It’s the handmaid’s tale. I mean, okay, maybe but I don’t see it. 

He’s got a strong base and they watch Fox News and they can’t for him, and there’s a little bit of a cult-like atmosphere around him, but the ponderance of the country is way more normal than that.”

The Republican party have shown cowardice

Anthony Scaramucci: “It’s cowardice. Any other personality faced with these shortages, they would be in a cabal demanding that they step down or they would figure out a way to remove them. The Republican Party could meet as a committee, and they could change the rules and they can say ‘look we’re not gonna let somebody that is a convicted felon stand as the nominee for our party’. But they’re afraid of him.

Kevin McCarthy had the opportunity to push Trump out of the political arena. He fomented the insurrection. They’ve got him on tape premeditatively fomenting the insurrection.

In this last trial, the weak case was the Stormy Daniels business fraud case. The other three cases are way more substantial and the evidence is way more damning. You have Mark Meadows, who is the Chief of staff for Donald Trump. He ran the freedom caucus. He’s not a Sorros-sponsored African-American DA. He’s a white Southern christian who’s the chief witness for the prosecution.

So they (GOP) had him, and all Kevin McCarthy had to do is say, okay we’re impeaching him and then you convict them, then he cannot run for the presidency ever again. And then the Republicans could have rebuilt from there, but they’re stuck with him, they fear him,  they fear the support that he has and they fall in line. 

Nikki Haley had a centre-right Coalition going to 20 plus percent of the people. She could have grown that coalition, but she said I can’t do that. I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump. She got nothing for it. Has somebody whispered in her ear and said ‘hey if you don’t support him, you have no future in this Republican Party?’.”

The Republican party could have been mortally wounded by Trump

Anthony Scaramucci: “My guess is that that party is failing, and that the party has been mortally wounded by Donald Trump. Post-Trump it’s going to go into the ICU. We’re gonna mark it as in critical condition and it may or may not last. There is historical context is the Whig party, which was a center right party and was one of the first parties in US history. A lot of Statesmen were in that party, Abraham Lincoln as an example when he was in the House of Representatives prior to ascending to the presidency. He was a Whig. 

They got in a mess over slavery. Some of them didn’t want it, the party broke up and a new centre-right party was formed called the Republican party. Abraham Lincoln became the first Presidential nominee and went on to win the presidency. He was the first Republican President of the United States. I feel like we’re at that crossroad again where this party has fractured. 

There’s a group of people that want to change the rules. They don’t like democracy anymore. These are  primarily older white people that are basically looking around and saying ‘wait a minute the country’s black and brown – that means that black and brown people are gonna run the country if it stays as a democracy’. They would rather not have it be a democracy because they want to have white people around the country and that’s just sort of white supremacist replacement theory, which is a fear-based tribalism polarity; very anti-American frankly.

The country was founded by people that were escaping persecution, people that were escaping autocracies and it became this beautiful melting pot and this beautiful aspirational idea, a primarily flat and meritocratic system. These people want to bust that and so, a person like me who respects the document and loves the country, maintain the institutions of the Democracy –  I don’t want to go in that direction.

Mr. Trump broke the law. Now you could say that they shouldn’t have brought the case. But he broke the law. He’s got three other cases coming, all of which I think are going to be worse than this case.

 It will just depend on whether or not those cases are gonna make it before the election, but this is big enough for Joe Biden to get on a drum about in October and November, and beat the drum that Trump is an ex-con, Trump is a felon, Trump is going to have to serve time in jail as your president. I think there’s a lot of people in the country who will say ‘you know what, I don’t want that’.” 

Melania Trump will be back on the campaign trail – they are not romantically involved but their commercial agreement will mean she will be by his side

Anthony Scaramucci: “I do know the family. I do know her, I don’t like talking about them because that’s what he does. He bashes people’s family members and he does that sort of thing, but I’ll just make the following observation. If you think about the case that was just brought, what the facts of the case are, you can logically conclude that there’s a reason why Melania Trump hasn’t said anything about the case. She hasn’t come out one way or the other,  also you can draw your own conclusion as to why she’s not actively campaigning with him like she did in 2016. 

But I think she will be seen back out campaign, because they have this sort of commercial agreement with each other. It’s pretty obvious it’s not really a romantic entanglement at this point in their lives as much as it is a commercial agreement.

So yes, I think she will be back out on the campaign trail. I don’t think she’s too happy about it. but I think she’ll be required as a result of that commercial agreement to do some things with him.”

Author Liam Solomon