Froch: Bruno would beat ‘Plastic Gangster’ AJ

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July 1, 2024
Carl Froch

In an exclusive interview with, former boxing world champion Carl Froch doubled down in his feud with Anthony Joshua, labelling him mentally fragile and revealing more about the back-and-forth WhatsApp messages…

  • ‘Snide’ Anthony Joshua is just a ‘Plastic Gangster’
  • AJ deleted messages before I could read them
  • Frank Bruno would have beaten Joshua

Carl Froch:I’ve shared 10% of the messages. I mean, it’s schoolboy stuff. It’s like plastic gangsters. It’s pathetic really, it’s childish and it’s a bit ridiculous. I think he’ll be cringing to himself at that. I’ve shared it because, why should I be abused by somebody in this position and be called that name? I’ve kept 90 percent of what he’s said away. He’s messaged me again, overnight, and deleted four of the messages.

“I’ve had a barrage of abuse, direct to me but I don’t mind meeting up and dealing with it like men, because if you’re going to do little backstab jibes and send me messages, abusing me, and then deleting stuff, and then you don’t pick your phone up when I try to give you a call to have a conversation with you man to man. Then what am I going to do? I’m going to expose you for what you are.”

1990s Frank Bruno Would Beat Anthony Joshua Now

Frank Bruno’s career perhaps didn’t earn him as much money or world titles as AJ’s but Froch reckons if the two had boxed at the peak of their careers then Bruno would have emerged victorious;

Carl Froch: “The Frank Bruno that fought Lennox Lewis in Cardiff  back in the 90s… that Frank Bruno beats Anthony Joshua. I’m sorry but he just does. It’s just all about timing and you can’t hold that against Anthony Joshua. I know they call it heavyweight, but it’s very thin now. The landscape of heavyweight boxing. It’s not what it used to be. I think if Anthony Joshua loses to Dubois, it could be the last we see of him.”

Joshua vs Dubois Is A British Title Level Fight

On September 21st, Dubois and Joshua will fight for the IBF world title which was vacated by Oleksander Usyk but Froch isn’t having it as a true world title fight;

Carl Froch: “This might go down very badly, but I’ll be honest, this feels to me like a British level fight. Every time Anthony Joshua steps up to the plate he gets beaten. He lost to Ruiz, he lost to Usyk twice. He wasn’t even in the fight with Usyk, really. He had a couple of good rounds, but let’s be honest, he got outclassed. Daniel Dubois lost to Joe Joyce, and he lost to Usyk. He was accused of quitting. I don’t want to say quit, but he got beat quite conclusively. So these are two guys that lose at the top level, fighting each other for a world title that Usyk vacated.”

Mentally Fragile AJ Had His Soul Stolen By Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua nearly came to blows with Daniel Dubois at their first face-off and Froch was asked whether the cracks are starting to show in AJ’s usually calm demeanour;

Carl Froch: “I’ve always said he’s a bit mentally fragile since losing to Ruiz. He got his soul taken away from him didn’t he, let’s be honest. He quit, didn’t he? It goes down as a technical knockout. That’s never happened to the Cobra, by the way, which I did tell him. The Cobra doesn’t get knocked out. But he quit on his feet.”

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