‘Meatball’ Molly McCann on ‘toughest fight camp of her life’

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July 8, 2024
Molly McCann

In an exclusive interview with bestonlinepokersites.ltd, ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann opened up on how breaking up with her fiance and family bereavements have made her fight camp for UFC 304 the toughest of her career to date…

  • McCann reveals she has taken ‘Ls’ in UFC 304 fight camp
  • Bruna Brasil made me leave the room before Shauna Bannon fight
  • Scousers will dominate Co-Op Arena crowd on fight night

Molly McCann: “Personally this has been the toughest fight camp of my life. I took a lot of Ls, like family bereavements and like splitting up with my fiance. Then the BBC show came out and it’s just been mad. The gym’s been my safe haven but when I think life couldn’t get any harder out of the cage, it does. And then when I get in the gym I’m like, thank God, thank the Lord that I’m here to train, because I don’t know what I would have done without this. And the emotion, I’ve harnessed it. I’m not like fuming. I’m not crying. I’m not angry. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I’ve got to win. And I’ve got to hold myself accountable to those emotions and not just lose my rag and fight.”

UFC 304 Opponent Bruna Brasil Showed Mental Fragility 

McCann faces Bruna Brasil at UFC 304 and revealed how her opponent made her train in a different room because of her connection to her previous opponent Shauna Bannon;

Molly McCann: “When I was getting ready that fight week, I went into the changing rooms. It was a warm up room to train on the Wednesday. And I’ve walked in, I’m hitting pads and Bruna’s in there and she goes, her coach walks out the room and the UFC guy comes back in. I was going, what’s up? You need to go and train in another room. I was like, what? And he was like, she doesn’t want you in this room. I was like, why? And she said you’re on Shauna’s team. I was like ‘I’m not coaching Shauna, I’m her sparring partner’ and I was just like sound, that shows me where you’re mentally at.”

Co-op Arena Crowd Will Be 70% Scousers At UFC 304 in Manchester

UFC 304 in Manchester sold out in record time despite high ticket prices and Molly reckons Liverpudlians will be out in force and outnumber the Mancunians in their own city for the event;

Molly McCann: “If you go to Glastonbury or to any football final, Everton’s never in them but when Liverpool is, then it’s a good 70/30. The Scousers take over. We spin each other in, we find a way, fake tickets, someone’s at the back door, whatever it is, we get in there. I know it’s in Manny, but I think there will be more Scousers than Mancs in there. Tom [Aspinall] isn’t really Manchester, I think he’s more Wigan. He says Greater Manchester, I’m like shut up Tom, it’s Wigan. The Brits will be out in full force for us, and the Irish will be over for the Irish. The Irish supporters will probably make more noise than anyone, to be fair.”

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